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Roland Holscher

Executive Management Team

Roland Holscher

EVP, Strategic Initiatives

Roland Hoelscher joined arcplan in 1993. As Marketing Director, he was responsible for the market introduction of arcplan's first software solution, inSight, in 1994 and he established the U.S. subsidiary, arcplan, Inc. in 1997. Roland served as its CEO & President, responsible for corporate development and strategies in North and South America until he returned to arcplan Europe in 2003. Appointed as CTO in 2004 he was responsible for the product directions of arcplan. Previously, he held many integral positions with arcplan including Director of Application Development and Director of Marketing. Roland was appointed CEO of arcplan in 2011. Through the course of the merger with Longview in April 2015 Roland became EVP & MD Operations of Longview’s European business.

Prior to his employment with arcplan, Roland worked for a consulting organization, conducting portfolio analysis to support the strategy development of financial institutions. His versatility and various positions at arcplan and other companies have made him an expert in the business intelligence field. Roland holds a degree in Economics from the Westfaelische Wilhelms University in Muenster, Germany.