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Longview Analytics integrates data from disparate sources. No requirement for you to extract your data and aggregate content into a proprietary data source. Longview has an extensive global community for their customers and partners called Arc | Community.

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What Sets Longview Apart?

Hundreds of thousands of business leaders around the globe rely on Longview Analytics to make Now business decisions with confidence. Our Analytics solution supports reporting without compromise; becoming an integral part of optimizing corporate performance and streamlining operations.


Data and analytics have always set Longview apart. Our ability to unlock the meaning of data for the office of Finance and beyond is what has propelled Longview into becoming a trusted solution for hundreds of thousands of users around the world.


Now business is about drawing insights from information and quickly identifying areas for attention.  Longview Analytics unlocks big data and provides a platform for deep analysis, 

Believe our clients


Award Winning Best Practices Report Design

Longview Analytics is the first software vendor globally to have received the renowned HICHERT®IBCS seal of quality from BARC.  IBCS provides practical proposals for the conceptual and visual design of comprehensible reports and presentations. Read more about IBCS at: www.ibcs-a.org.

Data from Multiple Sources

Quickly and directly accesses all of your data with Analytics Connectors, regardless of how and where data is stored. 

Analytics on the Move

Our solution makes mobile BI easy. Develop applications like dashboards and reports in a point-and-click environment – no programming required. Design once, run anywhere (DORA), without additional work, on Apple, Android, Microsoft smartphones and tablets.

Reporting to the Next Level

Reporting is really the presentation layer of BI, or the interface between the data and the decision-makers. As more employees in a company become responsible for decision-making, easy access to reporting and analysis is paramount.

Performance View at a Glance

Dashboards display easy-to-understand performance metrics and reports. Modern dashboard applications use tabbed navigation to guide users through an interactive experience. They enable users to filter data, interact with charts to see changes in performance over time, forecast and predict future development, and may also contain an ad-hoc component to allow on-the-fly analysis of the causes of underperformance or disturbances.

Disparate Relational and Multidimensional Data Sources

Longview Analytics connects directly to numerous relational and multidimensional data sources from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Teradata and others. Our best-in-class device support allows delivery from desktop to smartphone - with one application. We call it DORA - Design Once, Run Anywhere.