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Webcasts: Tax Process or Finance Process?

The answer is both! Regulation, legislation and a revolution in the software market are transforming the approach to the Tax Provision process. 

Watch this 30 minute recording to hear Deloitte professionals share experiences of the emergence of this new approach to tax provisioning, including a short demonstration of Longview Tax provisioning software. 

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Research Papers: Corporate Tax Governance: What's the Problem?

As tax professionals charged with managing the complex tax operations of today’s multinationals, success used to require an undaunting focus on tax: staying current with federal, state and international tax laws, finding and implementing creative ways to apply those laws in order to reduce global taxation, identifying and managing the related tax risks and rigorously defending the company’s tax


Online Demos: SG&A Expense Planning

Longview 2017 is a single repository of accurate information for your entire enterprise – solving a complex challenge in today's global environment. With accurate information you can begin to see how and where value is being created within your organization and in turn, make informed decisions about the future direction of your enterprise.

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Webcasts: Tax Technology Nets Quick Wins for Tax Provision

Find out the lessons learned, how our technology has developed, and what you should expect when embarking on a tax provision transformation journey today.

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Case Studies: 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness implemented Longview Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting to better understand, analyze and manage business drivers and make it easier to generate meaningful plans and budgets encompassing more than 400 fitness clubs throughout the US and in Asia.


Research Papers: Using Sarbanes Oxley to Initiate a Strategic Tax Technology Roadmap

Inhale..... exhale...... deep...... slow...... step back..... think ahead. Imagine an end-to-end tax solution and process that is SOX compliant and enables your CFO, your auditors, or your Audit Committee to drill down on the income tax footnote and see the math behind the tax disclosures shortly after closing.