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Modernizing the Corporate Tax Function: Why, What, and How

The biggest challenge tax professionals face is relying on manual, time-consuming methods for managing enormous volumes of tax data – which makes transparency and efficiency extremely difficult to achieve. As tax deadlines tighten and business demands continue to grow, tax executives are turning to technology to drive greater productivity and improve their workflow.


Health Network Labs: Cloud planning for NOW business realities

Learn how Ron Gaffney, Director, Financial Planning and Analysis for Health Network Laboratories, leveraged Longview Planning powered by Tidemark to enable competitive, efficient, critical NOW decision making for his business.

View - Change Hurts, but "No Pain, No Gain"

Investment and some discomfort are both required of the CFO as finance incorporates leading-edge technologies, but the rewards are well worth it, say senior finance executives who have been through the transformation.


Change Hurts, But "No Pain, No Gain"

Technology’s role in finance transformation.


Hindsight, Insight, Foresight by CFO

Today, an accurate financial position provides a competitive advantage; tomorrow it enables planning that is actionable, constant, and fluid.


Finance Technology and Risk Management by CFO

The chief financial officer’s (CFO’s) deep and detailed knowledge of a company’s financial position’ typically places him/her at the center of an organization’s risk management efforts.