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Webcasts: PwC and Longview Webinar - Tax Transparency. Are you Ready?

In this webcast, PwC tax reporting process improvement specialists and Longview Tax executives will discuss new and proposed European Directives that are expected to have a significant impact on how corporates report the taxes they incur and pay. This issue will affect all European quoted companies and US groups with large European businesses over the next few years.

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Online Demos: Month End Close

Longview 2017 is a single repository of accurate information for your entire enterprise – solving a complex challenge in today's global environment. With accurate information you can begin to see how and where value is being created within your organization and in turn, make informed decisions about the future direction of your enterprise.

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Research Papers: Finance's Changing Mandate: Moving Beyond Cost Control to True Performance Management

For this study, CFO Research Services surveyed senior finance executives regarding corporate performance management. The results are in, and it’s time for action. Is your finance department ready to shift from cost control to performance management? The results of the survey may surprise you.


Webcasts: Take Control with Tax Technology

Find out the lessons learned, how our technology has developed, and what you should expect when embarking on a tax provision transformation journey today.

Watch this webinar recording to to learn:

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Brochures: Longview Analytics


Research Papers: Transforming Finance: The Path to Effective Corporate Performance Management

By John Power, President, Longview

Each move of an accomplished chess player is preceded by reflective consideration. Where am I now? Where am I headed? Am I making the right moves at the right time? Am I on track strategically? If not, how do I correct my position?